Child Care

Child Care refers to the non‑academic care provided for NCS students.  Only children enrolled in the academic programs of the school may stay in Child Care.  The purpose for this service is to provide parents who cannot care for their children before or after school hours a compassionate, Christian environment for them.  The facilities are inspected regularly for compliance with fire, health, and safety standards, and the service is supervised by NCS.  The Child Care registration number is #289.

K3 through Grade 5 enjoy outdoor play as well as indoor table games and activities.  We provide all age levels an afternoon snack at no additional charge.


Early Arrival workers open the Child Care at 6:30 AM.  If students arrive before 7:40 AM, when classroom buildings are unlocked, they report to Early Arrival. Students in Grade 2 and below are charged for this service.   Students in grades 3-5 are charged from 6:30-7:00.


SCHEDULE                                         K3-K4-K5-1                                         2‑12

6:30 ‑ 7:00                                           Room    107                                      107

7:00 ‑ 7:40                                           Room    107                                      GYM

7:40                                      All students are dismissed to their classrooms.



K3-K5 half-day students are dismissed at 11:15 and K3-K5 full day students and grades 1-5 at 3:10.  Students who regularly go to Late Stay are billed from 3:30 until they are picked up.  However, if parents come before 3:30, there is no charge for that day.  Students who regularly leave school at dismissal time will be taken to Late Stay and charged if parents have not come by 3:30.


Secondary students are dismissed at 3:15. Students who do not have sports practices or other extracurricular responsibilities under the supervision of a staff member report to the After School Study Hall by 3:30.  Teachers supervise the students and give opportunity for relaxation, socialization, and doing homework.



The Summer Child Care service is structured on a Day Camp format.  A regular schedule of devotions, singing, sports, crafts, music, rest, etc., is followed.  The Registration fee, separate from the hourly charge,  covers the entrance fees for all the field trips and special activities.  Summer music, sports, or Fifth Quarter programs supplement the service.  Children must have been enrolled for the spring term or enrolled for the fall in order to be eligible for Summer Day Camp. Information is mailed to parents in early May.



Child Care and Child Care Lunch charges are posted to accounts each week.  Parents may view these at any time on ParentsWeb.  They are due 10 days after the invoice date.  Payments are made through FACTS.


Families whose accounts become 30 days past due may lose use of NCS Child Care.



The Child Care is $4.20 per hour.  Changes in Child Care rates take effect the first Monday in September.  A penalty of $5.00 is charged for each 10 minutes children are left after 6:30 PM.



The Child Care Service for Pre‑school, Kindergarten, and Grades 1‑5 is supervised by the Child Care Supervisor working with the Educational Administrator.  All workers with direct access to children have passed a SLED criminal history check and a fingerprint-based background investigation.  At least one worker certified in CPR and First Aid is on site during Child Care operating hours.  The service for grades 6‑12 is supervised by selected staff.



Boys:     Regular school dress or knee-length shorts and tee-shirts (not tank tops)

Girls:      Regular school dress or knee-length shorts or loose-fitting slacks/jeans and tee-shirts

(not tank or halter tops)


All students

Shoes and socks must be worn.

Clothing with unwholesome slogans, wording, or advertising should not be worn.

All other dress standards included in the NCS Parent and Student Handbook apply to Child Care.


Since the Child Care operates in the facilities of Northside Baptist Church, parents entering the buildings should dress modestly. 

We appreciate observance of our no smoking request anywhere on campus.



Disruptive, disrespectful, or disobedient behavior is unacceptable, and a parent may lose the use of Child Care services if his child continues to conduct himself inappropriately.  Student management procedures are outlined in the Statement of Cooperation that is part of the Application for Admission.



Lunches (which include a drink) may be purchased on a daily basis for $4.00 or a meal for $5.50.  We publish a menu in advance so that parents may send lunch if the meal for the day is not one their child likes.  The menu for the month is visible in ParentsWeb.  Drinks may be purchased separately.

The kitchen operates on school days only.



All medication must be labeled with written instructions and remain in the School Office during the day.



 We maintain this information in the FACTS SIS (School Information System) which parents input when completing the On-Line Admission or Enrollment forms.  Parents should notify the office of any changes in phone numbers, work schedules, emergency procedures, or persons authorized to pick up their children.



Parents provide a list of persons authorized to pick up children from Child Care.  Children will not be released to any other person without written or phone authorization from the parent.  Calling in advance to notify us of such changes will save time and inconvenience for the person picking up the children.