Charleston is one of America’s most historic cities, attracting thousands of tourists annually. Situated here are the College of Charleston, the Citadel, Charleston Southern University, the Medical University of South Carolina, and Trident Technical College. The climate is mild in winter, delightful in spring and fall, and hot in the summer. The population for the general Charleston area is nearly 760,000.


Northside is an independent Christian school founded in 1975, providing academic training for Kindergarten (ages 2-5), Elementary (grades 1-5), Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12).  The school enrolls over 250 students from over 50 area churches.  There are more than 25 faculty members and two administrators. Staff also includes office personnel, kitchen and child care workers, and a maintenance crew.

The Mission of NCS is to provide Biblically-based academic, fine arts, and athletic instruction for families who support the goals of the school. Simply stated, it seeks to train and teach students to know, to love, and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in His church.


The South Carolina Association of Christian Schools accredits Northside.  Teachers are also certified by SCACS or by the South Carolina State Department of Education.

 GRADING SCALE                    

 90 – 100                A                             Reporting: Quarterly and at mid-term

 80 –  89                 B                             Year: 180 days    Semester: 90 days    Quarter: 45 days

 70 –  79                 C                             Day: 8:00-3:05 (1-5), 8:00-3:15 (6-12)

 60 –  69                 D                             High school class period: 45 minutes

  0 –  59                  F                              Half-day K3, K4, K5 meet from 8:00-11:15



English                                   4             Social Studies                                       1              Spanish                 2

Mathematics                        4             U. S. History                                          1              Fine Arts                1

Lab Sciences                        3             Government/Economics                     1              Electives                 1

Physical Education              1             Speech                                                   1             

Bible                                      4             Computer science/Keyboarding        1             


Northside operates in a traditional classroom format and also offers an Honors Diploma.  Honors studies are available in English, mathematics, and science. NCS offers a SC Minimum Requirements diploma but does not offer a Technical Preparatory course of study. Dual credit is available for some high school courses beginning with the 2018-19 school year.


Rank in class is calculated at the end of the freshman year and every year thereafter.  Dual Enrollment, Honors, College Preparatory, Academic Required, and Academic Elective courses are included.  Non-academic requirements or electives are not considered in class rank.  College Preparatory, Honors, and Dual Enrollment courses are weighted for GPA and class rank calculations.


Iowa Test of Basic Skills, PSAT, SAT, ACT

Stanford               Typical percentile ranking on total battery: 88th.

SAT                        Typical score: 1,102   

ACT                       Typical score: 24


POST-SECONDARY ACTIVITY                                                                                            Five-year average               

Percent of graduates attending four-year liberal arts/Christian colleges:                                  80%       

Percent of graduates attending Trident Technical College:                                                           12%

Percent of graduates not continuing their education until later:                                                   6%       

Percent of graduates entering the military:                                                                                       2%


  • Northside emphasizes the Fine Arts since these are lifelong ministry skills for every student.
  • Music theory classes are given weekly to all elementary students.
  • Private piano is available for students in grades 1-12.
  • Elementary choir for grades 1-5 and Elementary band begins in fifth grade.
  • Middle School Choir and Band
  • High School Choir and Band
  • Senior High Choir and Band complete the classroom musical training at NCS.
  • NCS students compete in the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools Annual Fine Arts Festival. Winners advance to the American Association of Christian Schools Fine Arts Competition at Bob Jones University in Greenville.
  • In addition to the competitions, these bands, choirs, and ensembles delight us with formal concerts in the fall, winter, and spring.
  • Some speech instruction is available to Elementary students. Middle School Speech is available and Senior High Speech is required.
  • Middle School and Senior High Forensics is an exciting and demanding challenge for Northside’s best students. We debate other Christian schools and many of the better public and private schools in the area, state, and region.
  • Northside’s On-Stage Players present a major dramatic production each year. Recent plays include Cheaper by the Dozen, Meet Me in St. Louis, Father Knows Best, Our Miss Brooks, and The Ransom of Red Chief.


  • Elementary students have a structured physical education class each week.  Students in grades 6-8 are required to take Health/PE daily.
  • A soccer league for students in K5-Grade 5 practices during the week and plays games on Saturdays.
  • NCS fields Middle School and Senior High Girls’ Cheerleading, JV and Varsity Volleyball, JV and Varsity Basketball, and Varsity Soccer.   
  • The boys play JV and Varsity Soccer, JV and Varsity Basketball, and Varsity Baseball.
  • We compete in the SCACS Coastal Conference, which alternates hosting the State Championship Tournaments.


  • We have a very active chapter of the ACHS (American Christian Honor Society) for outstanding students in grades 10-12.  Character, leadership, service, and scholarship are all entry requirements.
  • The FCTA (Future Christian Teachers Association) uses students as teachers’ aides.  The Lord has called some of these young people into full-time Christian service because of this experience.
  • The Junior Class hosts a formal Junior/Senior Banquet at one of Charleston’s well-known venues.
  • The Senior Class takes a trip to the Wilds Christian Camp and Washington, DC and surrounding areas.  Memories of all the sightseeing and fellowship are an essential part of the NCS alumni mystique.


K2             10 in one section                                                 7th           21 in one section

K3             22 in two sections                                               8th           15 in one section

K4             33 in two sections                                               9th           10 in one section

K5             15 in one sections                                               10th         11 in one section

1st            15 in one section                                                 11th         19 in one section

2nd          18 in one section                                                  12th         10 in one section

3rd           13 in one section

4th           12 in one section

5th           16 in one section

6th           19 in one section