Mission Statement

The goal of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is threefold: evangelizing the lost, edifying the saved, and equipping the believer. Northside Christian School complements all three activities, focusing on the youth of the church, three-year-olds through high school seniors. The unique ministry of the school is the delivery of academic instruction in an environment which supports these parental and church objectives rather than in one which undermines them.

Since not every student admitted to the school is born again, classroom teachers and chapel speakers present the plan of salvation regularly with age-appropriate explanations and illustrations (evangelization). Each student has a Bible class or chapel period built into his daily schedule, and subject matter is presented from a Biblical perspective (edification). Finally, there are many opportunities to implement the lessons learned in practical Christian service (equipping).

The Bible teaches that parents are responsible for the bringing up of their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, i.e., their Christian education. But God does not charge them personally with the duty to teach them all things they need to know and do. Though they are free to construct a network of people and organizations to assist them in this task, they are accountable to God for each of the components they use in their program of Christian education. If they choose to utilize the services of a Christian school, they are to be sure the school works in concert with home and church in a harmonious, unified effort to teach and exemplify Christ-likeness.

This institution proposes to educate the whole child for Christ and insists that every phase of the program contribute to attaining that goal. Physical education and interscholastic athletics develop the student’s physical dimension; fine arts activities, banquets, etc., refine his social graces. In a practical sense, Bible classes, chapel, and every activity address his spiritual needs; an outstanding faculty and a carefully constructed curriculum provide superior academic training. This, we believe, accurately reflects the total growth of the Lord Jesus (Luke 2:52) and is the genius and essence of truly Christian education.

Succinctly, the purpose of teaching at Northside Christian School is to “…present every man perfect in Christ Jesus” (Colossians l:28). This purpose is consistent with the edification mandate God gave the church and the home, and, thereby, provides the most important reason for the Christian school.